Commit c3d3ddf7 authored by Sofus Rose's avatar Sofus Rose

Added documentation for changes (of course! :) )

parent 1369f7eb
[b]v2.0.3[/b]: Some more bug fixes, based on a bug report.
[size=8pt]*Fixed bug with split MLV files by piping the FRAMES output through "paste -s -d+ - | bc"[/size]
[size=8pt]*Fixed the color-ext LUTs, which were unfixed due to laziness.[/size]
[size=8pt]*Fixed when mlv_dump wasn't on the PATH. Requred modding the script; a patch is in the main repo, and is distributed alongside binaries.[/size]
[size=8pt]*Added documentation that symbolic linking support is required.[/size]
[b]v2.0.2[/b]: Some fundamental & bug fixes, as well as now being tested to work with new compressed output.
[size=8pt]*Fixed some mlv_dump versions wouldn't detect # of frames.[/size]
[size=8pt]*Added set +f to ensure globbing is always enabled. Added a commented set -e to kill on error, which I intend to activate for 2.1.0.[/size]
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ sudo python3 -m pip install $(./convmlv -Y)
Binary Source Code:
* NOTE: Needs the patch in the main convmlv repo to be applied, then it needs renaming to .
mlv_dump: &
No preview for this file type
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@
\author{\textit{by Sofus Rose}}
\title{\textbf{Using convmlv 2.0.2} \\ {\large Developing Magic Lantern footage with glee}}
\title{\textbf{Using convmlv 2.0.3} \\ {\large Developing Magic Lantern footage with glee}}
%^^^ Title \\ Subtitle. Subtitle is \large, as opposed to \huge.{}
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